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From the tender age of ten, I discovered a fervent passion for hair styling and beauty care. This early fascination guided me to visualize a future where I could transform my love for beauty and haircare into a tangible reality. This vision eventually birthed Ten Karats Virgin Hair, a manifestation of my relentless determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

In 2011, I began my journey as an entrepreneur, selling hair extensions, lace frontals, and wigs out of the trunk of my car. Concurrently, I transformed my dining room into my first salon, catering to the needs of my burgeoning clientele. My ambition, however, extended beyond the confines of my home. I envisioned a physical location that could accommodate a larger customer base and cater to a wider range of needs.

By 2013, that dream materialized into a storefront. Ten Karats Virgin Hair quickly established itself as a pivotal company, offering customers an extensive collection of virgin hair extensions, custom wigs, and a diverse selection of lace frontals and closures. In complement to our vast selection of hair extensions, we also provide haircare products and accessories to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Ten Karats Virgin Hair swiftly ascended to prominence, earning a reputation for its exclusive collections of virgin hair. Our offerings include the Diamond CollectionPlatinum, Gold, and the Silver collection, which ranges from 7A to 10A grade of hair.

Our storefront became a Stapler in Memphis, being the first beauty and hair company to provide on-site hair extensions and custom wigs, as well as a full-service salon. Within the salon, we cater to a wide array of customer needs, providing services for both men and women. Our team of specialists includes nail care professionals, glam and estheticians, licensed barbers, and licensed cosmetologists, all dedicated to delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Salon 10, LLC.

Unveiling Salon 10, LLC., the crowning gem nestled in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. This 6,000 square foot deluxe beauty paradise has been transforming lives since 2018. Salon 10, LLC. is a testament to perseverance and dedication, nurtured by licensed beauty professionals offering a plethora of services to our esteemed clientele.

The journey began in 2014, with a vision that was met with numerous challenges, including three loan rejections citing lack of business experience. Unfazed, I relocated to Atlanta and established a 3,000 square foot salon, yet never losing sight of my ultimate goal - to create a one-stop beauty haven.

While managing two salons in two different states, I began to blueprint my dream salon. After finding and purchasing the perfect plot of land in 2016, I faced yet another setback. More loan rejections. After a two and a half year waiting period, I finally received approval to break ground. Then, the unimaginable happened - the Covid-19 pandemic struck, delaying the salon's development by nearly two years.

Operating out of an office suite, with no stylists and a terminated lease, the journey seemed daunting. But perseverance won on December 11, 2021, when I celebrated the grand opening of Salon 10, LLC., the largest black-owned salon in Memphis. Our customer-centric website allows clients to conveniently book appointments with our professional staff during our opening hours.

Salon 10, LLC. is more than a salon; it's a holistic beauty experience for residents of Memphis and beyond. Offering a variety of services under one roof, like our Ten Karats Virgin Hair collections, nail care, skin and esthetician packages, makeup services, and haircare/styling services. We also cater to our natural hair clientele, offering a range of products to keep their tresses healthy and lustrous.

Experience the Salon 10, LLC. difference, because everyone deserves to feel top-notch! We're ready to pamper you six days a week, so book an appointment with our seasoned professionals and let us help you feel and look your best for any occasion.

Let us put you on 10! Everyone deserves to be and feel top tier!

Salon 10, LLC. will have you feeling and looking your very best for any event, and we are open six days a week to book your appointment with one of our qualified professional staff members.

Come and Experience The Salon 10 Slay, The Ten Karats Way!

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